The Devil’s Attic Review 2016

Devils Attic Review

The Gates of Hell have been flung open again for Halloween 2016, allowing some all new evil souls into our world at The Devil’s Attic!

The Prince of Darkness has been busy this year collecting new evil souls through which he can torment mankind again this Halloween, and last weekend he flung open the doors to Hell and let them loose upon the world from his secret lair at 647 West Hill Street.

A trip through The Devil’s Attic has quickly become as much of a Halloween tradition to me as watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” or attending the latest performance of “Dracula” at Actors Theatre. It just wouldn’t feel like Halloween if I didn’t enter Satan’s throne room and get sent on a supernatural tour of the most evil souls from literature, myth and cinema. This year, Satan has several new sights to show you that will inevitably haunt your nightmares for months to come.

The Devil’s Attic remains one of the most detailed and atmospheric haunted attractions I’ve ever experienced with flickering candlelit corridors, cobblestone walls full of skulls and Gothic ambience galore. In some ways, I feel the same way about The Devil’s Attic as I do about Walt Disney’s The Haunted Mansion; I don’t want it to change too much! Halloween is rooted in tradition and nostalgia and there are too many scenes at The Devil’s Attic I look forward to each year and would miss them if they were replaced.

Devil's Attic Review

Owner/operator Jason Besemann’s solution this season has been to expand his legion of evil souls and classic scenes rather than replacing existing ones. This year guests are subjected to a new scene based on “Maniac” (2012) staring Elijah Wood. If mannequins creep you out, you’re in deep trouble. (Behind-the-scenes trivia: Keep a sharp eye out in this scene for a prop built by makeup and effects guru, Matt Goodlett, for Troy King’s local film, “Viridescent” featuring John Wells, Sabrina Scott and Al Snow.)

Another new scene explores the ghostly urban legend of Bloody Marry. According to folklore, if one stares into a mirror in a dimly lit or candlelit room and repeatedly calls out to “Bloody Marry,” the specter of a long dead witch will appear. This scene features one of the coolest and spookiest original special effects I’ve seen in a haunt in some time.

Returning classic scenes include Frankenstein’s laboratory, the vampire’s crypt, the werewolf’s dungeon, Edgar Allan Poe’s torture room, Sleepy Hollow, an extended version of the ghost hallway, the Evil Dead, Saw, 13 Ghosts, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and much, much more.

The Devil’s Attic is also planning a one night only extreme event called CHAOS on Sunday, Oct. 30th from 8 – 11 PM. This is a “full contact” experience for ages 18 and over only that requires guests to sign a waiver and promises you will be “grabbed, bitten, licked and violated.”

The Devil’s Attic is open Friday and Saturday nights through October 15th from 8 PM until 12:30 PM, after which they also pick up Sundays from 8 PM until 11 PM and Halloween night from 8 PM until midnight.

You can buy your ticket to The Devil’s Attic online with the Louisville Halloween Hopper Pass which saves you an additional $5 each time you add another haunted attraction for a total savings of $25 if you purchase all six. You can visit all your favorite attractions with just one Hopper Pass printed at home or saved on your phone. Haunts you can add include The Devil’s Attic, Asylum Haunted Scream Park, Grim Trails Haunted Attraction, Danger Run, The 7th Street Haunt and Fear Fair! More information about the Louisville Halloween Hopper Pass can be found at

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