The Experiment (2010)

I apologize that this is not a horror movie review. However, this movie is so good that I feel it would be an injustice if I didn’t write a review so that others will be compelled to watch it. “The Experiment” is a psychological thriller and drama set around a group of men that are put into a prison-like situation for research purposes. They are chosen carefully by the scientists and are then split up. Some of them are guards and others are prisoners. They are then left alone in a prison with the guards given specific instructions on how to treat the prisoners. As you would expect, this experiment spirals horribly out of control.

Adrian Brody plays Travis. He is the leader of the inmates. He is really the reason I first decided to watch this movie because when does Adrian Brody do anything bad. Well, he did fall from grace by doing an M Night movie, but he has since redeemed himself in my eyes. Travis is a mild mannered-peace protester. But he is pushed to the limits by Barris, played by Forest Whitaker. Barris is a God-fearing quite man that still lives with mommy. He goes from quiet to power hungry pretty quickly.

We get to see what happens to people when they are caged and stripped of their human rights.

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