The Graves (2009)

To set the tone for this movie, it's about two hot chicks who set off on a road trip to see the worlds largest thermometer. They stop and eat at a diner where their waitress suggests they should visit a nearby ghost town. Easily detoured, they go to the ghost town where they run into a slew of religious cult killers. The first killer is a blacksmith who slays his victims with a blacksmith hammering device. Although he doesnt put up much of a fight, the girls manage to kill him by jabbing a rusty tire iron into his leg. Another killer interesting enough is played by Bill Moseley… the main killer from House Of 1000 Corpses & Devils Rejects. Sadly, without the direction of Rob Zombie, his acting comes off as weak and awkward. The movie's story goes from bad to worse when introduced to the religious nature of the crazed killers. The cults leader, the Demon of Death, dresses like a priest and supposedly sucks out a person's soul when they die. However no amazing special effects, the camera just pans off into the distance and you hear the sounds of screaming. Three quarters way through the movie your ready for it to be over with. Many scenes are drawn out and sluggish. The movies only appeal is the main characters being played by hot chicks. But even this is a let down when at the end they still havn't shed any clothes.


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