The Halloween Art of Jeremy Slawsky

If you’re looking for a unique Halloween gift this season that screams of The Ville, check out the twisted and nostalgic monster art of Jeremy Slawsky!

Earlier this year we introduced you to local artist, Jeremy Slawsky, when we went in search of his legendary collection of “Return of the Living Dead” memorabilia. Slawsky is well known in the horror collecting world for having the largest and most complete collection of ephemera relating to the Louisville set cult zombie epic. (

Slawsky is also a Highlands resident artist with a penchant for monster and Halloween culture, and if you’re looking for a reasonably priced piece of original art to deck the walls this Halloween, you should give his latest work the evil eye.

I spoke with Slawsky last night to get the ghastly scoop on his background, his influences and his latest monsterpieces.

“I actually dropped out of Valley High School to become a comic book artist,” admits Slawsky. “One of the first comic book pieces I did was for the high school newspaper. That was the majority of my exposure to art at that time; Superheroes and comic book characters.”

“Later I was greatly influenced by the work of Robert Crumb and Charles Burns,” says Slawsky. “More recently, one of my biggest influences has been a Louisville artist named Mooch who did all the fliers and artwork for Louisville punk bands like Kinghorse and Crain. Once a week, Mooch and I get together and trade art and ideas.”

Jeremy Slawsky’s monster art can be viewed and purchased through The Art of Jeremy Slawsky Facebook Page ( and at Yesternook at 1041 Goss Avenue.

“Yesternook has about twelve of my paintings for sale right now,” says Slawsky. “Prices range from $30 to $150 for a really big painting, so I think there’s something for everyone.” Slawsky is also open to commissions, so if you don’t see your favorite monster here, on his Facebook page or at Yesternook, feel free to contact him with your most twisted ideas.

Stay tuned to the Louisville Halloween website for another story about a local artist who has worked with bands like Van Halen, the Misfits and Electric Frankenstein, as well as the latest haunted attraction reviews and Halloween news!

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