The Halloween Season is HERE!!

It is Officially here, let the screaming BEGIN! While the Louisville Zombie Attack walk kind of kicked off the Halloween season, the couple of weeks of down time sort of took our mind of things. Tonight the Halloween season officially kicks off as several haunted attractions open their doors.

So, if you’re ready for a good scare and want to get a jump start on the haunting season now is the time to get out there and visit local haunts. A word of warning, from our experience MOST haunts are not completely ready for opening night. Improvements are generally made and they are typically in better shape on the 2nd night or even the 2nd weekend after all the bugs have been worked out and actors are more comfortable.

If you plan to hit the haunts next weekend, then we highly suggest going on Saturday night. The haunts will be primed and ready to scare the living **** out of you :o)


Wolf Creek Haunted Forest
Nightmare Forest at Otter Creek
Field of Screams
13 Fears Haunted House
Baxter Avenue Morgue

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