The Legend at Pope Lick to Bring a Local Urban Legend to Life This Halloween!

Legend at Pope Lick

The Pope Lick Monster (AKA the dreaded Goatman) will be emerging from the mists of local legend to terrify guests brave enough to pass beneath his cursed railroad trestle after dark beginning Sept. 15!

Stories about the accursed Goatman, known better to Louisville natives as The Pope Lick Monster, have been part of the fabric of myths, legends and local campfire ghost stories for generations. The elusive horned beast is said to lurk in the wooded area surrounding the rusted train trestle that passes over Pope Lick Creek near the Jeffersontown/Fisherville border. A number of tragic deaths have been attributed to the monster over the years, and cryptozoology scholars and ghost hunters have searched for evidence of the cloven hoofed creature for decades.

Legend at Pope Lick

This Halloween you’ll be able to search for the truth behind the legend yourself at The Legend at Pope Lick Haunted Attraction which will be located in the very woods the monster calls home just a stone’s throw from the haunted railroad trestle he covets. The haunt will be located in The Parklands of Floyds Fork within Pope Lick Park itself. Self-guided flashlight expeditions into the Pope Lick Monster’s domain will take place on Friday and Saturday nights beginning Sept. 15 through Halloween.

This story based haunted attraction actually opened for its first season during the Halloween 2016 season as an exclusive Danger Run attraction, but was wildly popular enough with Danger Runners that the owners are bringing it back for Halloween 2017 as a new separately ticketed attraction. Even if you experienced The Legend of Pope Lick on Danger Run last season, you’ll be in for some BIG surprises this year. Major new sets, props and characters have been added to the extended haunt trail that will allow brave guests to search for the monster through the dark and twisted woods

Based on the popular version of the legend that the Goatman was the star attraction of the Schildknecht Bros. Circus Freak Show whose traveling company train wrecked near the trestle at Pope Lick many years ago, this original haunted attraction will send guests beneath the haunted trestle and into the dark woods beyond. Guests will search wrecked train cars for evidence of the monster as they brave the cursed forest and the dangers lurking within. Cutthroat carnies, killer clowns, circus freaks and escaped circus animals are just some of the potential threats they might encounter. Guests will also need to be wary of a demonic cult who worships the Goatman in their hidden Church of the Four Winds deep within the woods.

If guests survive these terrifying encounters, there’s a good a chance they will come face-to-face with Goatman himself! Beware, the Goatman is said to have hypnotic red eyes and the ability to mimic human voices. He is rumored to be nearly seven feet tall, weigh nearly three hundred pounds and have the ability to run at speeds of up to sixty miles per hour! If at any point while visiting The Legend of Pope Lick Haunted Attraction you see two blazing red eyes staring at you from the wooded blackness, DO NOT stare back into them. Doing so would only allow the Goatman’s hypnotic powers to lure you to your tragic doom.

The Legend at Pope Lick is located within Pope Lick Park off Taylorsville Rd. in Eastern Jefferson County. Just enter the park via S. Pope Lick Rd and drive straight back to the John Floyds Fields parking lot. The attraction is open Friday and Saturday nights from Sept. 15 through Oct 28. It opens at dark (approximately 8:30 PM9 PM) and stops selling tickets at 2AM. Tickets are $20.

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