The Louisville Zombie Walk to Unleash a Horde of 40,000 Walkers on Saturday, Aug. 27th!

Louisville Zombie Walk

When there’s no more room in The Devil’s Attic, the dead will walk the streets of Louisville.

The gates of Hell must be bursting at the seams because it seems every year in late August more flesh eating zombies get loose from their rotting graves to carve a path of apocalyptic carnage through the Highlands in Louisville, KY.

This year promises to be the very biggest siege of the living dead this city has ever seen under the new stewardship of Satan himself! You read that right. The Prince of Darkness and the crew of The Devil’s Attic, one of Louisville’s scariest seasonal haunted attractions located on West Hill Street, have taken over ownership of the largest annual zombie walk in the United States.

The brain munching horde was estimated at 35,000 in 2015 and the changing of the event night to Saturday night has city officials estimating a turnout closer to 40,000 this year.

The hunger for this event can not be stopped, and the Louisville Zombie Walk has become much bigger than anyone ever anticipated. It now marks the official start of the Halloween season in this town.

“This is a FREE community event,” says The Devil’s Attic owner, Jason Besemann, “but I ask that for the price of admission that everybody who comes out to please dress up like a zombie or something zombie related.”

Louisville Zombie Walk

This year’s Louisville Zombie Walk officially starts on SATURDAY, AUGUST 27 at 8:29 PM at the corner of EASTERN PARKWAY and BARDSTOWN ROAD. The pre-party zone will be set up in the parking lot at Mid City Mall where haunt review website, The Scare Factor, will be letting Satan climb atop their black haunt tour bus and give the official commands that will kick off the apocalypse. Think air raid siren!


Highland Taproom: 8/27/16 from 4 PM – 8:15 PM. The Devil’s Attic head makeup guru, Matt Goodlett and his team will be doing professional makeups for $40 per person.

Nowhere Bar: 8/27/16 from 4 PM – 8:15 PM. Haunted Asylum Scream Park’s makeup crew will be doing zombie makeups at $10 for a “quick and bloody” makeup, $20 for a latex makeup and $40 for a deluxe zombie makeup.

Chill Bar: 8/27/16 from 4 PM – 8:15 PM. The 7th Street Haunt’s Tabitha Gray and Scott Morgan will be doing makeups starting at $25 with upgrades available.

The Back Door: 8/27/16 from 4 PM – 8:15 PM. Grim Trails’ makeup gurus Michael Combs and Max Glidewell will be doing infectious makeups starting at $25 for “Level One Infections” with upgrades available.


Yours truly, The Phantom of the Ville, and my sinister cohorts here at Louisville Halloween will be hosting and judging the Zombie Costume Contest this year.

Location: THE COMFY COW in the center of the insanity at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road from 6:30 PM – 9 PM. Come by the Zombie Costume Contest tent, get your picture taken and get registered for the following categories: Scariest Zombie, Funniest Zombie, Hottest Zombie, Best Child Zombie and Best Zombie Couple.

Winners will be announced at 10:30 PM on Stage Two in the Party Zone. Winners will receive official plaques and big prizes packages including a Louisville Halloween t-shirt, Comfy Cow gift cards and t-shirt and haunted attraction passes. You do not have to be present at the announcement to win.

OFFICIAL LOUISVILLE ZOMBIE WALK DRINK CUPS and drink specials available at Nowhere Louisville, The Back Door, Highlands Taproom and Chill Bar Highlands.


Do you wanna party? It’s party time! The zombie horde will march from the corner of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road to the Party Zone between the intersection of Bardstown and Grinstead down to Highland Avenue. The Party Zone will be open until 12:30 AM.

STAGE ONE (Main Stage) in front of BW3s:

9 PM: Dead Room Cult

10 PM: The Vice Tricks

11:30: The Nulydedz

STAGE TWO in front of HopCat:

8:29 PM: The Terpsichore Dance Team performs Michael Jackson’sThriller.”

9:30 PM: Shawna the Dead presents a Live Freak Show of disgust and amazement.

10:30 PM: The Louisville Halloween Zombie Costume Contest and Awards!

So drag your rotting carcass off the couch and join us in the Highlands this Saturday night for the largest gathering of the living dead in the United States of America.

The Phantom of The Ville

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