The Pervert (2005)

This movie is not for young eyes: The Pervert is a throwback to when women weren’t required to be pencil thin and fornication was acceptable at any age and apparently in any place.  Jonathan Yudis directs this entertaining film of B-class violence and loads of sex.  When I found this movie on Netflix instant queue, I figured, it might be interesting.  Little did I know I would be recommending it to friends as a delightful pastime!

It’s set on a remote desert ranch where a man comes to spend the summer with his estranged father.  Well, Daddy has a new girlfriend that baby boy James can’t resist.  Who could resist when Dad’s new girl is played by adult film star Mary Carey?  But when she’s brutally murdered James only assumes it was at his father’s hand.  When other girls start to die, James is intent on finding the killer. 

The greatest part about this movie is who the killer turns out to be.  Oh no, I’m not going to tell you.  You’ll just have to watch and see for yourself.  The Pervert is highly entertaining for parties or a movie night with your friends. Although, one or two drinks before watching may not hurt.  Remember, it’s still a B-movie.   Enjoy….

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