The Story Inn

A little outside of Louisville near Brown County,IN is the town of Story. Story, IN is one of the smallest towns I have ever encountered. Story, IN literally consists of one city block. On this block is the Story Inn. The Story Inn has multiple styles of accommodations that are period specific. One accommodation, the Blue Lady Room, is rumored to be haunted by…you got it, a blue lady. The blue lady has been seen by both the staff and the guests of Story Inn. Upon exit, the guests sign a guest log that they can give a detailed account of their experience. You can read many of these really creepy accounts right on their website. Many skeptical critics have stayed at the Story Inn to experience the paranormal and many have left well before check-out as a result. To this day, Story Inn is still taking reservations for the Blue Lady Room. Do you want to plan an ULTRA haunted experience? Make your reservations for Halloween night and learn the true meaning of fear!

Location: Story, IN

Price: Accommodation prices vary

Website: Click Here

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