The Thirsty Pedaler Craves Blood This Halloween!

If you’re looking for something completely different to try this Halloween, the Thirsty Pedaler Haunted Historical Tours of Downtown Louisville might be your ticket to Spooksville.

While working our Louisville Halloween booth at the Gaslight Festival over the weekend, I spoke to several folks who said they were looking for something completely different and off the beaten path to try this Halloween. In a serendipitous twist, I also met a gentleman named Scott Benningfield who owns a unique 15 person bicycle and operates the Thirsty Pedaler bar hopper and historical tours in downtown Louisville.

This Halloween season, every Wednesday night between now and October 31st, the Thirsty Pedaler is offering a Haunted Historical Tour of Downtown Louisville. An expert in the haunted side of downtown Louisville will act as your tour guide and tell ghost stories about Actors Theatre, the Seelbach Hotel, The Brown, The Palace and Dish on Market as you pass these landmark buildings on your journey.

The two hour tour will stop at some of these haunted buildings, and your party can stop for drinks at three bars of your choosing. The Thirsty Pedaler bike holds 15 people, 10 pedaling seats and 5 non-pedaling seats. If fully booked, tickets are less than $30 per person. A private party can rent the entire bike for $400.

Routes begin at 100 East Main Street in the Parc Parking garage. You can either park in the street or pay to park in the garage. You can choose from the Urban Bourbon Trail or the NuLu Tour.

There are certainly other Ghost Tours in Louisville, but there aren’t any others on a 15 seat bicycle. You asked for something completely different, we give you something completely different. You can book your tour at or call (502)354-8822.

Stay tuned to the Louisville Halloween website for lots more haunt reviews and Halloween event coverage in the coming weeks!

The Phantom of The Ville

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