The Witch’s Castle

The Legend of the Witch’s Castle is that you can here a little girl laughing in the woods and loud thumps. People have seen a white mist moving very fast in what looked like the living room, but only the foundation and a fire place remain of the main house at the Witch’s Castle. Up the hill just behind the main house is a small shack surrounded by a ditch and a cliff. In this shack there is a fireplace with one window on each side. You can hear many different voices and see people peeking out of the windows. There used to a basement to the main house, but it has been filled in now with dirt and rock. You cannot miss where the steps used to be. There’s a small door on each side of the room also in the room with the fireplace. A small girl about 7-8 years old has been seen by many people. She was wearing a white dress. She had long black hair, but her hair is covering her face. This is one of the sites Shanda Sharer was taken before she was killed hours later by her captors. Legend also states witches originally occupied the house, until it was destroyed by the townspeople, and they haunt the remains of the house to this day.

The Witch’s Castle was a ruined stone house, also known as Mistletoe Falls, located on an isolated hill overlooking the Ohio River in Utica. It is located on Upper River Rd, just past the rock quarry (now Quarry Bluff) on the left side of the road. The stone fence and the stairs leading into the castle should be visible from the road. Be weary though…many locals try to keep people out of the location because of the history of the location. The Witch’s Castle is a VERY scary Louisville area haunted location. Not recommended for a Halloween joy ride!

Location: Utica, IN

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