Trick ‘r Treat (2008)

I like how this movie captures the essence of Halloween.  It shows off the once a year traditions of pumpkin carving, scary costumes, halloween parties, and trick or treating.  Really getting you into the Halloween spirit.  And on top of that, it is a horror movie.  But the story is a little strange.  Even after watching it I still dont know what it was about.  It has several sub stories  that intertwine as you get further into the movie.  It does include some suspenseful and creepy scenes that make it enjoyable to watch.  Certain parts of the movie make you feel as if you were dropped into a haunted house.  But rather than it being hardcore, it's much more a fun and humorous horror.  Set in Warren Valley, Ohio.  It portrays a very bold and eventful halloween atmosphere.  The movie is nicely detailed, full of jack-o-lanterns and other halloween decorations.  I only wish there was more of a plot.  The story is unclear for most of the film.  But with a fair amount of blood and gore, it satisfies your horror movie appetite.  Overall it's a nice little mediocre horror flick.  I recommend watching it during or just before the halloween season begins.


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