Victorian Ghost Tour

A brisk fall day is the perfect time to stroll the streets of Old Louisville. An overcast sky overhead and dead leaves underfoot – and just enough chill dampness in the air to make you pull your coat tighter around you…this is the best time to amble along the old streets and alleys, admiring the imposing Victorian architecture while the smell of apples and wood smoke spices the air. The boxwood hedges surrounding the mansions and townhouses still have their summer green, but most of the towering trees have lost their leaves and can only rattle bare branches to protest the gathering winds. If you’re lucky, you might pass one of the old gas lamps at just the right moment when dusk reluctantly surrenders the last of its daylight to night and hear the click and hiss of the lantern coming on in a feeble attempt to ward off the dark. This is the time that ghosts start to wander the streets of Old Louisville. Go and find out where the ghosts lurk in Louisville on this haunted walk through the old city.

Tour is from 6:00PM – 7:30PM. Reservations are required.

Location: St. James Court and Magnolia Ave

Dates: Nightly, 6-7:30PM

Price: $25

Website: Click Here

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