Walk Like A ZOMBIE

Kicking off the Halloween season, the Louisville Zombie Attack walk has been unearthing thousands of zombies each year in search of BRAINS. The Louisville Zombie Attack is a zombie walk that takes place in the heart of the Highlands at the corner of Bardstown Rd and Eastern Pkwy. The tradition is to start the walk at 8:29PM on 8-29 each year.

While August 29th is on a Sunday this year, tradition is tradition. The Louisville Zombie Attack Walk occurs rain or shine and will ALWAYS be on August 29th. Nothing stops a zombie from coming out to play!

If you don’t have a costume, then make one! Most of the costumes you will see are made from scratch. If you don’t feel like dressing as a zombie, then just come down to see the zombies take over the street. It is a sight right out of a Romero movie. It is one of Louisville’s coolest events and it truly kicks off the entire Halloween season!

Check out the event details here.

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