Waverly Hills Sanatorium

If you are from Louisville, then you are VERY familiar with Waverly Hills. Waverly Hills Sanatorium is an old TB Hospital that has seen thousands of deaths in its day. Waverly has been featured on World’s Scariest Places and it is definitely one of the scariest places that I have ever laid my eyes on. The building alone is menacing and that is before you even step foot inside the haunted house. You will travel through tight, abandoned recesses of this haunted building and you will even see the infamous body chute. Little do you know that the creatures in the corridors of this haunted house aren’t actors. These are the ghosts that haunt Waverly Hills. They also do haunted tours which you can book for an incredibly eerie experience. For a true spine tingling experience, go to Waverly this Halloween season.

Location: 4400 Paralee Lane Louisville, KY

Price: Private tours available

Website: Click Here

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