We Are What We Are (2013)

A dark, unpredictable and thought-provoking film about a strange family and their generations-old beliefs. It is not unusual for the horror genre to include religious connotations (The Exorcist, The Omen) to play on good versus evil where good almost always undoubtedly triumphs. But “We Are What We Are” is not good versus evil. Rather, it is a look into how some religions can brainwash and poison its followers.

The movie begins with the matriarch of the Parker family collapsing and dying in the street during a torrential downpour and subsequent flood. This leaves two teenage girls and a young boy alone with their father who seems uncomfortable and confused about how to take care of teenage girls (Julia Garner and Ambyr Childers). The girls are thrown into roles that make them question their morality and their devotion to their family including the preparation for “Lamb’s Day”, which the father (Bill Sage) is kind enough to make the eldest daughter’s responsibility since her mother is gone. As the rain continues and the flooding gets worse, evidence is washed up that makes the authorities and the town doctor question how wholesome the Parker family actually is.

This movie is excellently written and the acting is pristine. Some people might find the lead in a little slow, but I felt the slowness added to the character development and creep factor of the movie. All in all, the movie is darkly sober, but fans are rewarded with the just the right amount of gore. This movie is a must see on my list.

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