Weekend Monster Hunting: A Visual Guide through Big Beech Trail in Pope Lick Park!

Join the Phantom of the Ville on a monster hunting expedition through the Pope Lick Goat Man’s domain!

Greetings, my fellow crypto-loving monster hunters, it’s the Phantom of Ville just back from an afternoon hike through the eastern Jefferson County wilderness where the legendary Pope Lick Goat Man calls home. Earlier this year, during the chill of winter, we ran an article detailing the newly opened areas in Pope Lick Park, including the recently constructed pavilion beneath the Goat Man’s train trestle at Trestle Point. You can find that information and photos here:


After nearly three solid weeks of rain, the weather is finally starting to feel a bit more spring-like, so I decided to take advantage of the sunshine to do a little late April monster hunting. Below you’ll find a series of photos I took while exploring the 1.57 mile Big Beech dirt trail through a forest filled with 200 year old trees deep within monster country.

Just click on the thumbnails for enlarged images.

1) First you’ll cross Pope Lick Creek on your way to Big Beech Trail. Or is that Camp Crystal Lake?

2) More difficult!

3) Into the wild!

4) Getting up there! You’ll climb a steep incline that overlooks the creek below.

5) I came across this huge uprooted tree! Could this be evidence of a Squatch?

6) Get ready for some Pitfall action!

7) Follow these orange markers to stay on the trail! As they were warned in “American Werewolf in London”: Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors!

8) Through the valley of shadows—

9) Possible Goat Man watering hole?

10) What on earth could have made this track?

11) When you cross this bridge, my friend, the Pope Lick Monster’s power ends!

12) I took this photo on the run after being startled by a strange noise coming from just past the trees in the distance. What do you see?

The Phantom of The Ville

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