What’s This Haunted Code Thingy?

By now, many of you have likely seen billboards or other advertisements for the Haunted Code. I’m sure you’ve also wondered “What the heck is Haunted Code?” As always, we at Louisville Halloween are here to inform you all about this new Halloween season promotion.

The Haunted Code isn’t a haunted house or event like most Halloween happenings in Louisville. The Haunted Code is a game that you play simply by visiting some of your favorite haunted attractions in the Louisville area. How do you play? Simple! You go to one of the three participating attractions and you will receive a game piece with your admission into the haunt.

Once you have your game piece, you use a coin to scratch it off to reveal your “code”. It’s very much like a scratch off lottery ticket! Once you have your “code”, you then go to the Haunted Code website and register your code to see if you’ve won cash or prizes. It’s that easy! The more times you visit the participating attractions, the more chances you have to win!

What can you win? Prizes include an XBox 360, a Nintendo Wii, a Netbook Computer, Haunted Code Swag, Haunted Attraction tickets for 2012, Restaurant Gift Certificates, and oh did we mention $10,000! That’s right! ONE lucky person will be the winner of $10,000 in cold, hard cash! Not to shabby!

More than 100 prizes will be given out by the Haunted Code. To start playing for your chance to win HUGE PRIZES head to Industrial Terrorplex, Haunted Hotel, or Wolf Creek Haunted Forest haunted attractions to get the bejesus scared out of you and get your game pieces. Good luck and have fun!

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