Zombies Invading Louisville

With the popularity of zombie movies and AMC’s The Walking Dead, zombies are making a HUGE comeback. As a result, we are seeing a tremendous amount of events in the Louisville area that are immersed in the brain-eating theme.

To start out, this year has welcomed a new Humans Vs. Zombies game to the Louisville area. What is Humans vs. Zombies? Humans vs. Zombies is a game where there is a group of people acting as zombies and a group acting as humans. The humans are trying to kill the zombies by shooting them with their Nerf gun (or other choice of weapon) and the zombies are trying to eat the brains of the living essentially turning the humans into zombies. It was started on college campuses years ago and now it is spreading like a wildfire.

Coming up on August 29th is the annual Zombie Walk in Louisville. The Zombie Walk is every August 29th at 8:29PM. This date and time commemorate the creators’ birthdays. Thousands of folks go to the intersection of Bardstown Rd and Eastern Pkwy dressed as zombies to walk the streets to create a Louisville Zombie Apocalypse. It is an INCREDIBLE event and best of all…it’s FREE!

Then of course you also have Evil Dead the Musical. Evil Dead the Musical is an off-broadway musical being performed at the Alley Theatre. Ash’s friends are turned into zombies one by one and he is forced to make a decision, kill his zombie compadres or be turned into a zombie himself. This is a musical full of laughs and blood. In fact, there is even a splatter zone where you should go prepared to get drenched in blood!

And of course saving the best for last, this year there is even a BRAND NEW haunted house in town centered around zombies called Zombie City. Zombie City is located at the Asylum Haunted Scream Park which has a total of 4 events. Another of which is also a zombie attraction called Zombie Hunting. This is a game in which you get to shot REAL zombies with a paintball gun. What an idea?! So not only do you get to run for your life from zombie in the Zombie City haunted house, but you also get to shoot zombies in an arcade style shooting gallery. Very cool concept!

With all of the zombie events and attractions around town, you are sure to get you brain-eating fix this Halloween season!

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